The Partner we
Always wished we had

We didn't set out to become investors.

We started Yunicorn in 2021 after years of agency expirience and founding several companies. We started out to become the Marketing and scaling Partner we Always wished we had without all the typical agency issues. And before we knew it, we had a bunch of companies that we are proud to call our Partners. We set out to be the #1 scaling Partner for companies Looking to grow their Revenue and Impact.

We are no venture capitalists. We Partner with solid, proven Business models that generate healthy Profits and are Looking to scale.

We found, invest and work with a select few of companies. We scale throught the growth of our Partners.


Companies founded


Majority owned companies


Company Investments


Global employees


Head office team

$2 Million+

Monthly Revenue

We Partner with ambiguous Companies
Here's how we do it:

Speak plainly

Don't waste people's time. We speak plainly: no BS, buzzwords, or stupid finance terms.

Protect culture

Don't mess with the culture that makes each company unique.

Avoid synergy

We leave all our businesses to operate independently and avoid synergy at all costs.

Make founders proud

Founders entrust us with their companies. We do our best to follow through on their vision.

No assholes

Life is too short for brilliant jerks, assholes, suck ups, psychopaths, narcissists, and all that stuff...

Leave people alone

We Partner with great companies, hire great leaders, and leave them to do their thing.

Our Team

Matt Schuldt

Viktoria Graf

Samuel Fleck

Victor Weiss

Manuel Wagner

Samuel Lembke

Kevin Hutterer

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